A PUBLIC consultation over plans to convert an old pet food store into a Wetherspoons pub will end on Monday, January 5.

Plans have been submitted to the council to open a new branch of the pub chain in the Nadin Pet Supplies on Legh Street in Earlestown.

Wetherspoons has two pubs in St Helens town centre, the Running Horses and the Glass House.

Residents of Earlestown have written letters to the council on the whole in support of the development.

One commented: “This is a positive move forward for Earlestown and could open it up to further development and modernisation.

“Also Wetherspoon will keep the original character of the building and not detract from it unlike other developments that have recently been allowed in the Newton-le-Willows area which have bulldozed local sites of architectural and historical importance.”

Another agreed: “I feel it will encourage other businesses to the town and also the building in its current state is in major need of repair and J D Wetherspoon is good at bringing old buildings back to life.”

However one raised concerns stating: “The last thing Earlestown needs is another pub, especially one opposite an old folk’s home and near a doctor’s surgery.

“The town has enough problems with substance abuse without creating more outfits for cheap drink.”

In a bid to ease residents’ concerns Wetherspoon says that all external areas of the pub will be monitored by CCTV and stresses it has a strict policy of avoiding rowdiness and nuisance behaviour.

It also says that special acoustic windows along with the thick walls will reduce any noise.