THE daughter of an epilepsy sufferer has described the “amazing” thrill of leaping from an aircraft at 15,000 feet during a skydive to help raise money and increase awareness of the illness.

Jenny Hull, 24, underwent the jaw-dropping challenge in September at the Black Knights Parachute Centre, in Lancaster to raise £1,000 for Epilepsy Research UK.

Jenny’s dad Stan, 53, was diagnosed with epilepsy in July 2009, suffering from complex partial seizures of the left temporal lobe.

Stan’s epilepsy is still uncontrolled despite taking various medications and the cause is close to Jenny’s heart with her mum a former petit-mal sufferer. In addition, her late granddad, who passed away in 2010, also had epilepsy following a stroke.

She had originally been scheduled to do the skydive on August 1 but the unpredictable British weather saw her challenge delayed twice - but it was third time lucky for Jenny, from Prescot Road.

“I didn't feel nervous at all in the lead up and I was gutted more than anything when it was postponed because I was up for it every time,” said Jenny, an administrator at Ezeecopy Photocopiers.

“I did have slight butterflies when we reached the top, but we waddled to the front of the plane and jumped out that quick, there was no time to feel scared!

“Originally I had signed up for an 11,000-foot jump, on the day of signing in, they gave me the option to upgrade it to 15,000 so I thought why not?

“The dive felt amazing - unreal. No words can describe how amazing it really was. The views were incredible, everyone has got to try it!”

So far, Jenny has raised £881 for the Epilepsy Research with some more sponsorships still pending and she has promised to put in the rest herself to ensure that she reaches the £1,000 figure.

“The family were all very proud of me. I had my very own cheering team cheering me on as I landed. It was really nice having the support and meant a lot that they were there. I want to give so much to this charity.”