A MAN used his phone to secretly film dozens of women’s cleavages as they dropped their children off at school.

David Ince was found to have 75 video clips on his phone when police caught up with him. He had even been pointing the lens up women’s skirts.

Ince, from Cross Lane in Newton-le-Willows, was initially spotted acting oddly by a parent, Liverpool Crown Court heard. He was seen with his phone by his knees, apparently filming a woman outside a school.

There were two further incidents in the weeks that followed before a man pointed out Ince to a woman constable, who was also dropping her child off.

They both saw him walk up to a woman who was wearing a low cut top.

Prosecutor Simon Duncan said that he was holding the phone at shoulder height pointed at her chest.

He was arrested and police discovered the catalogue of videos, which had been taken in public, including at shops and hotels.

When interviewed, Ince admitted there were similar images on his computer and other phone.

Mr Duncan said: “He told police he had been having difficulties in his relationship and found himself in a pattern of offending.

“He said he was having trouble coping because there was no intimacy in his relationship.”

The 37-year-old pleaded guilty to three offences of outraging public decency.

Judge Mark Brown said: “Your behaviour can be best described as lewd and disgusting.

“As it happens, the women were unaware of what was going on and have no knowledge of the fact of being abused in this way. You were going around various public places taking photographs of either their cleavage or up their skirts and It is clear from what is said in the pre-sentence report it was done for sexual gratification.”

He accepted that at the time Ince was going through a difficult period in his life, stress at work and suffering from depression.

He praised Ince’s partner, who had written a letter in support without making excuses for him.

Ince was placed under supervision for three years and must attend a sex offenders’ treatment programme.

The judge also imposed a court order banning his use of the camera on his phone in certain public places.

Martyn Walsh, defending, said that Ince has a responsible job and his partner is standing by him.