THESE two adorable kittens have been rescued after being callously dumped among bins and cardboard boxes.

They were discovered on Park Street, Haydock, on Wednesday, May 21.

The tabbies – brother and sister who have yet to be given names – were found by a passer by at around 11pm.

She handed them over to Kitten Karers in Newton-le-Willows.

Trisha Jones, who works at the cat rescue centre, describes the abandonment as “disgusting” and believes they were left because irresponsible owners did not neuter their cat.

She said they were left vulnerable and could have been ran over or attacked by a dog.

St Helens Star: The kittens are brother and sister

Frightened: The kittens appeared scared when they were found in Haydock


At around seven weeks old they cannot currently be rehomed and rely on Trisha to feed them hourly.

She said: “At first they were a bit frightened which is understandable but now they are acting like kittens.”

Trisha added that many more unwanted kittens and pregnant cats are being discarded at rescue centres like Kitten Karers as owners cannot afford to care for them.

St Helens Star: Disgusting! Kittens dumped between bins and cardboard boxes

Cuties: The siblings are now on the mend thanks to Kitten Karers


Some have to be turned away because many organisations are overwhelmed with the amount of cats that are brought in.

Anyone who knows anything about the abandoned kittens is asked to contact Trisha on 01925 227893.