BARS and clubs in St Helens will trial a 2am closure throughout January.

Following consultation between Pubwatch members and the police it was decided to introduce the trial period to encourage a vibrant night time economy while also reducing disorder.

The decision will be reviewed at the end of the month.

Merseyside Police Neighbourhood Inspector Dave Brennan, said: "This decision by the Pubwatch members is one of the first times in the country where all the pubs have got together and decided to alter their opening hours.

"It shows just how much the local pub owners care about the community, about encouraging a vibrant night-time economy whilst at the same time reducing disorder.

"This is an excellent opportunity for the  pubs in the town centre to encourage people to come out early and enjoy their evening in a fun and responsible manner. We are supportive of this decision by Pubwatch and it should bring great benefit to the local community".