Jay Z - Magna Carta... Holy Grail

SHAWN Carter’s (aka Jay Z) collaborations over the years have undoubtedly been his most commercially successful work.

From Kanye West to Alicia Keys and Rihanna to Linkin Park, Jay Z has created some of his finest music with someone by his side. So it’s no surprise that his new record Magna Carta... Holy Grail, features a host of artists helping Jigga out.

On the surface the album appears to be a standard step in the mainstream direction of hip-hop. However, look, listen and feel a little deeper, you could argue this is Jay Z’s strongest record in years.

While tracks such as Holy Grail and Oceans may not consist of the old, aggressive stylings of a pre-2000 Mr Z, the tracks are energetic, soulful and fun.

Some cynics may say Carter has ‘sold out’ his old ways in this album, but the fact is he’s matured. The roots of rap and hip-hop flow through the album in an unavoidable co-existence with 21st century style.

Timbaland and Pharrell’s roles as producers can be heard on several tracks. BBC and Picasso Baby have incredible instrumentals which keep the record flowing in a diverse and entertaining way.

Ignore the critics. Ignore the hype. Listen to Magna Carta... Holy Grail.