CUTE pooch Buddy is still top dog with owner Gemma Hesby even though the little scamp made the headlines in the St Helens Star last week after he swallowed her thong.

Gemma says she can laugh off the incident now, because Buddy lived to tell the tale after eating the underwear as she and partner Danny relaxed to watch TV.

The 23-year-old beauty therapist admitted: “There have been a lot of people talking about it and it’s given them a good laugh.

“All my friends know what happened and people through work have been asking about it. I even saw it on Twitter.

“Luckily I’m not embarrassed. And thankfully Buddy is fine. He can be a naughty little thing but at least he’s ok. But I’ll never live it down.”

After the Shi Tzu swallowed Gemma’s thong, she was grateful to Vets Now in Sutton, who were called into action. The black and white dog was given an injection to make it vomit the pink thong.

Gemma, from Fingerpost added: “I didn’t realise how serious it could have been. If they hadn’t acted in time, they would have needed to operate.”