A TOP local band and film outfit are joining forces for a second time to raise cash for a soldiers’ charity.

Titors Insignia are teaming up with Thatto Heath filmmakers, Vanguard Film, to produce their upcoming music video for the band’s newest single, Freedom Fighter...which will feature a guest appearance by the inspirational Andy Reid.

Rock ‘n’ roll band Titors Insignia are heading down to Brixton and Camden for their latest shows.

They have reached more than 2,500 likes on Facebook and have a big following in the north west.

The video is being used to raise awareness and funds for charity ABF.

With a couple of familiar faces making an appearance, the band and filmmakers are heading to Yorkshire to shoot the video this month.

ABF, The Soldiers’ Charity, aims to help serving and retired soldiers and their families.

Titors Insignia’s drummer, Stephen Swift, says his younger brother, Davis, is serving in the 23 Pioneer Regiment. He signed up after he left school.

Stephen said: “Obviously I’m proud of him for everything he’s achieved.

“We have been heavily involved in charity work since we started the band. I know people who have, or are still serving, so I think they need all the help possible.”

The music video will feature some of the ex-soldiers who served in the Army, as well as Andy Reid, who has been an inspiration to the band.

Stephen said: “We recorded our video, Beg Plead and Pray, with Vanguard Film, and they were very easy to work with, which is why we went back to them with this charity project.”

Vanguard Film have more 15 years of combined experience, and their portfolio of work ranges from filming local weddings to working in schools in Switzerland.

For more information about Titors Insignia’s upcoming shows follow them on Twitter @TiTORS_iNSiGNiA.

To contact Vanguard Film, e-mail them at enquiries@ vanguardfilm.co.uk.