PICK OF THE WEEK: Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart

SINCE last summer, one of the artists on everyone’s lips is Frank Turner. The acoustic/punk guitarist warmed up the crowds at the London Olympic’s opening ceremony, shooting him to height of fame.

Aside from his career with various bands throughout the noughties, Turner’s debut album was released back in 2007.

Cruising by on the outskirts of mainstream music with his relatively small but dedicated group of fans, Turner’s new album Tape Deck Heart is already taking the music scene by storm.

Opening track and first single Recovery is gaining airplay time from Radio 1 on a daily basis, continuing the rise in Winchester-boy’s fame.

The album, like most of his past work, feels coherently and beautifully British. Turner sings of heartache, nights-out and partying, connecting with everyone from the adolescent teen to the mature Bob Dylan fan.

The Way I Tend To Be is a passionately playful, love ballad which makes you feel genuine emotion for the singer-songwriter.

The eighteen-track record takes you through the sorrow of love and loss and will no-doubt by the soundtrack to the forthcoming months of 2013.

Here’s to a great British album. Here’s to a great British musician. Here’s to a great British summer...


  • Liverpool Sound City @ various venues, Liverpool. Thursday - Saturday, May 2 - 4.
  • The Staves @ Gorilla, Manchester. Friday, May 3
  • Beyonce @ MEN Arena, Manchester. Tuesday, May 7