PICK OF THE WEEK: The Strokes – Comedown Machine

THE Strokes have returned with the their fantastic new album, Comedown Machine.

Stepping away from the grungy, garage rock which originally brought the band to the attention of the world, The Strokes’ new album has a more synth-based, funky sound.

Their 2011 album Angels, attempted to tackle the merge between garage rock and pop with no avail. Comedown Machine is a much more refined, pop-like sound by the New York band.

Julian Casablanca’s unmistakable vocals are still present throughout the album, to the sound of a new 80s-style beat.

Welcome To Japan is one of the record’s most playful tracks, experimenting with the new synthesized sound and funk-infused guitar riff. Midway through the album, 50/50 provides the most recognisable, grunge sound of The Strokes.

Undoubtably moving away from the heavier, guitar-based sound which fans have grown accustomed to, The Strokes’ new direction is definitely a worthy attempt at genre-fusion. Whether you’re already a fan of the band or not, Comedown Machine is definitely worth a listen...


  • The Gaslight Anthem @ Academy, Manchester. Thursday, March 28
  • Inspiral Carpets @ Ritz, Manchester. Friday, March 29
  • Radstock Fest (feat. The Blackout) @ Academy, Liverpool. Saturday, March 30