PICK OF THE WEEK: Stereophonics - Graffiti On The Train

WELSH rock ‘n’ rollers Stereophonics are back with new album, Graffiti On The Train... and it’s rather good!

Four years since Keep Calm And Carry On, the new record marks the longest period of time between two albums in the Phonics’ 20-year career.

It would be unfair to say the time-out hasn’t been used productively. Graffiti On The Train contains some beautifully written, melodic and lyrical gems.

The album takes you on the metaphorical train journey, exploring the pains of love and loss, growing older and moving on.

Title-track Graffiti On The Train consists of a hauntingly elegant piano melody, leaving you craving more as the song eerily finishes. Roll The Dice is a brilliant display of the band’s developed sound, combining an electrically high-tempo chorus with classical stylings of strings and Kelly’s rusky vocals.

Stereophonics have taken a step back with Graffiti On The Train and opted for slower, more defined sound. A little less rock ‘n’ roll, a little more depth... Graffiti On The Train is definitely worth a listen.


  • Band of Friends @ Citadel, St Helens. Saturday, Mar 9
  • My Bloody Valentine @ Apollo, Manchester. Sunday, Mar 10
  • Stornoway @ Kazimier, Liverpool. Monday, Mar 11 Local talent this March

On Thursday, March 14, The Bordellos perform at the newly-refurbished Java Bar, Westfield Street. The St Helens band’s performance will include older tracks from their first three recordings and songs from their forthcoming EP.

Teenage rock ‘n’ roll sensations Stillia will headline a gig at Haydock Catholic club on Saturday, March 16. After performances in London, Liverpool and even a week-long tour of Ireland, the St Helens lads are back with four other local talents in support. Visit stilliaofficial.com.