FOR most people their shed is a cold and draughty place, full of tools and spiders.

But not Ann Bate, who has created a 50s time trap.

Her spectacular shed is a labour of love for Ann, who has transformed it into a diner, complete with jukebox and a bar.

You half expect the Fonz or James Dean to stroll in at any moment and ask for a coffee.

It has now become a popular venue for family and friends to mark special occasions.

The 45-year-old from Sutton, who runs the laundrette on Junction Lane, said: “I love the 50s. I was brought up with my mum playing songs from that era.”

Married to Ian for 25 years, Ann started collecting seriously two years ago, and has developed a keen eye for 50s memorabilia.

She said: “We have spent quite a bit doing it up, but we had the jukebox for ages.

“The old radio belonged to my mum and dad, and I had the bar built by Sutton Timber.

“The graphics on the wall are by Boundary Garage, and I got my petrol pump for Christmas.

“I generally pick up bits when I see them, especially at car boot sales. But all my family keep an eye out for things.

“Everybody loves it. We have a lot of parties in there and during summer we are in there nearly every night.”

Now Ann has landed herself a place in a competition seeking to find the most superb shed in the country.

Garden wood care brand Cuprinol has launched their Shed of the Year competition, which has attracted around 2,000 entries.

The Shed of the Year competition closes on May 3, with winners announced during Shed Week, July 1 to 7.