THIS week saw the release of the debut solo album The Messenger by Johnny Marr. The former-Smiths man’s album has been long-awaited as he has played with various bands and projects since the Smiths split in ’87.

Most recently, he has played with the Cribs, Modest Mouse and the closest thing to a solo project, Johnny Marr and the Healers.

The Messenger is a brilliant display of modern indie rock, stretched enough to make tracks of varying style and creativity.

I Want The Heartbeat is a heavily riff-based track which makes you want to jump around in an 80s-like manner.

European Me shows that the lyrical songwriting ability of the 49-year-old is still well intact, telling the tale of lost man who you feel genuine sympathy for as bobbed your head to well-constructed guitar riff.

A trip through the last 20 years of indie music, The Messenger plays with styles while staying true to Marr’s brilliant guitar-playing skill.


Disclosure @ Academy, Manchester. Friday, Mar 1.

Sigur Ros @ Apollo, Manchester. Sunday, Mar 3.

Foals @ Academy, Liverpool. Monday, Mar 4.