IT is almost 30 years since Nick Cave released the critically-acclaimed From Her To Eternity.

Since then the Australian frontman has pushed the boundaries of alternative music and perfected the band’s signature, bluesy-rock style.

Last week saw the release new album Push The Sky Away, which demonstrates everything that Cave is; a modern, story-telling, crooning legend.

The mellow beat runs beautifully throughout the record, combining bass, keys and guitar riffs in an eerily depressing manner. As expected, Cave’s vocals dominate the record and drag you into the magnificently bleak world of the Aussie’s mind.

Opening track We No Who U R may not be a brilliant display of grammar, but is undoubtedly a stunning introduction to the record.

Higgs Boson Blues is pleasantly-uneasy as you are sucked into an upsettingly, contrasting tale of depression, love and beauty. Little under eight minutes long, the track is not only the strongest on the album, but arguably one of Cave’s best songs from his three decade career.

Viva Nick Cave! Push The Sky Away is a masterpiece which shows that the blues are still alive and kickin’...



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