WHEN a band release an album that is near-perfection, the follow-up record is always something which generates so much hype that it often fails to deliver.


Not in Foals’ case.

Three years ago they released the fantastic Total Life Forever, an album which arguably defined indie music at the time. Announcing that the third album would be released in early-2013, the inevitable chit-chatter of fans and critics began.


And well, it’s safe to say Foals have delivered...brilliantly. Holy Fire is a stunning record which deserves to be heard by any fan of contemporary music.

Featuring singles Inhaler and My Number, tracks which will be undeniably familiar due to the amount of airplay time they received, the record bounds beautifully between experimental concoctions of instrumentals and eerie lyrics.


Clearly taking influence from the New Wave scene of the mid-80s, Late Night is just one of several tracks from the album which wouldn’t be out of place in a neon-lit club, packed with slow-swaying disco-warriors.

This year is already proving to be an excellent display of experimental-music’s attempt to re-take the charts. Holy Fire is fronting the attack...





Delphic @ Academy, Liverpool. Thursday, Feb 14

Cosmo Jarvis @ Mello Mello, Liverpool. Friday, Feb 15

Deftones @ Academy, Manchester. Monday, Feb 18