AS more and more cats are dumped by heartless owners, a small animal charity is appealing for help to re-home these unwanted pets.

Jacqueline Day, from the charity Kitten Karers, based in Newton-le-Willows, said their latest cat was found in a terrible condition on Lambourne Grove in Parr.

She said: “The back end of it was bald and covered in scabs. I would say it’s just under 12-months-old, and it’s been left for a while.”

Kitten Karers has a shop on Junction Lane in Sutton and a collection bin in Tesco, Haydock, and is swamped by the number of dumped animals.

Jacqueline added: “We are full here. The bigger shelters can’t help us, and there are so many being dumped at the moment. It’s horrendous. We have so many coming in and not many going out.”

Kitten Karers relies on the help of “fosterers” and volunteers, and can be contacted on 07725 858282, or e-mail Visit kitten