TALKING TO... Carl Barat

SHAKING my hand immediately and suggesting we found a seat to chat, Carl Barat told me: ‘I think my great grandmother was from St Helens...she passed away when I was about two so I’m not sure’.

Playing with The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things and even recording a solo album, Carl Barat has been at the heart of the music industry for over 10 years.

His beautifully destructive relationship with Pete Doherty during the early years has been described as emulating the greatest partnerships of modern culture, including the likes of Lennon & McCartney and the Gallaghers.

What has Mr Barat been up to more recently however? I found out...

O: You’ve been playing with a new band of late, Eyes On Film, what attracted you to them and how’s it been?

C: It’s been great. I’ve played a few gigs with the guys and it’s been fantastic to just go and play real music with no strings attached. I saw them play and thought that they really had something. When I met them I found they are really intelligent, nice guys that echoed traditional English politeness.

As I spoke to Carl, it was obvious he had matured a lot since his Libertine days. The man sitting in front of me had become a father in the past year as well as being academically awarded for his musical achievements.

O: Last month you received an honorary doctorate from University of Winchester, how did that feel?

C: I feel incredibly honored to have been recognised within the Arts. I’ve received a couple of these now and it’s amazing to feel almost validated. Some people laugh about those who are musicians and artists and to be recognised as achieving something in an official capacity, it’s incredible.
O: Finally, what are we to expect in terms of recording?

C: I’ve recorded a single and couple of tracks with Eyes On Film which has been great. Over the past few months I’ve also been writing a new solo album so once that’s finished, I’ll hopefully get it recorded and see where it goes from there.

With no hints at anymore Libertines reunions or visiting old projects again, it’s clear that  Carl is enjoying what he is doing at the moment. A very polite rock ‘n’ roller, Mr Carl Barat is a true gent of the music business.