THE spectacular opening sequence of the new James Bond movie is enough to make your jaw drop. But what raises an eyebrow is that the man who gives Daniel Craig the moves of an action hero perfected his skills in St Helens.

Andy Lister was 007’s stunt double in the blockbuster Skyfall and features in the breathtaking 11 minute sequence, shot in Turkey, which sees Bond tear open the roof of a train with a crane.

It is the latest movie appearance for the 30-year-old, who is a world champion in the martial art Wushu and studies at the Dragon Sport Academy in Sutton.

Andy is seen running down the arm of the crane as it tears through the metal, but it is the climax of the scene, where he needs his skill and precision, as he is flung backwards off a 300ft viaduct in Turkey.

Andy’s list of movies is impressive, having appeared in Batman Returns, X Men First Class, Pirates of the Caribbean and the new Keanu Reeves film 47 Ronin.

The Academy is run by Jon Staples and Helen Cummins, ex-professional performers and former national team members. Experts in Wushu, they have trained under Master Wu Bin, the teacher of action hero Jet Li.

Jon, 46, from Parr explained: “Andrew has been with us since he was 14 and although he is from Southport, he travelled to us each week.

“He is a specialised stuntman because of Wushu. When he first came to us he was a sickly little kid and we have turned him into a monster,” he joked.

Andrew isn’t the only member of the Academy who has made a mark in the movies. Another stuntman Tom Rodgers, 22, is soon to be seen in the highly anticipated Kick Ass 2 and Thor 2.

“Wushu is not that popular because it’s hard. It’s on a par with professional gymnastics or ballet,” Jon explained.

It is multi-disciplined, involving kicks, punches, acrobatics and weapons. Even though he has studied Wushu since he was 16, Jon travels to China each year to develop his technique.

Dragons Sport Academy is based at 1 Watery Lane in Sutton. For further information contact Jon on 07974939555.