WITH authentic military vehicles parked haphazardly and a panic stricken hazmat team running around it really does feel like the world is about to end in Scream Park.

Zombies have invaded EventCity at the Trafford Centre for this Halloween event which will run until November 2.

Former Bridgewater High School pupil Tammy Silcock came up with the idea for Scream Park after running Winter Wonderland at the same venue over Christmas.

And Appleton resident Tammy, whose family have five generations of fairground experience, seems to have taken inspiration from the hit show The Walking Dead as well as the classic George A. Romero zombie flicks.

The EventCity exhibition space has been transformed into something apocalyptic.

As 'survivors' we were first herded to a military checkpoint to see if we were 'infected'. But it was not long before the 'undead' were unleashed, attacking soldiers as our crowd scattered.

Elsewhere, there is a 'containment' area where you can watch zombies from a safe distance (do not get too close – they often escape) and there is a ward with desperate surgeons covered in gore.

In essence, it is a series of role play scenarios and while the costumes, props and make-up were great, some of the actors were more convincing than others.

One of the downsides of the experience is that you are just thrown into it. Is there a mission? Do you need to get from point A to point B?

The short answer is no but some guidance would have been useful.

Scream Park's other rides and attractions are also loud, drowning out some of the atmosphere.

But for £20, including free entry to all the rides, the experience offers a unique way to celebrate Halloween that is value for money. Visit screamparkuk.com