IF you got a mop and squeezed out Meighan Youth Theatre Productions’ tenth anniversary show, Chicago, all you would extract is raw talent.

For Joe Meighan’s version of the block-busting Kander and Ebb musical just exudes it.

The talent comes from the entire cast of 16 to 25-year-olds whether they are dancing, singing, performing solos and duets or simply making us laugh.

Eve Kate Robinson Rowan’s Velma Kelly is so beautiful, she thinks she can get away with two murders just through charm. Eve’s a great dancer not to mention her mellifluous voice.

Just as wicked and equally attractive is brunette bombshell Roxie Hart, played by Annie Welsh. She thinks nothing of manipulating the media in order to escape.

The pair share a cell under the care of Mama Moreton (Amelia Atherton) a larger than life character who is out for personal gain.

In one scene, Roxie sits on the knee of her lawyer, Billy Flynn who, with immaculate timing, manipulates her as a ventriloquist’s dummy whilst singing her part. She too is a natural on stage.

I can honestly say that Emmanuel Moro is the best Billy Flynn I have ever seen. Not only does he perform with poise but his deep, resonant singing voice carries across the auditorium.

Roxie’s husband, the long-suffering Amos, is movingly delivered by Joseph Morgan. The audience empathise with him when he sings Mr Cellophane.

It’s not just the young cast who make the musical a big hit but also the band led by Neil G. Bennett, who blast out All that Jazz and Razzle Dazzle.

Choreographer Louise Pettitt produces imaginative movement

The show is a tribute to Producer and Artistic Director, Joe Meighan. Yet another example of Meighan magic.

*Chicago is at Sale Waterside Arts until Saturday, August 3. For tickets telephone 0161 912 5616 or see watersidearts.org. Star rating: * * * * *.