CAROLE Carr, the director of Things I know to be True at Altrincham Garrick Playhouse, is surrounded by fit young actors. Well, two, at least.

Anthony Morris, who plays Ben, one of the grown-up sons in the play, ran the Manchester Marathon.

Taking four hours to finish, he went straight to rehearsal.

His stage brother, Mark, is played by Alex Thompson, who runs 10 miles every day.

This play by Andrew Bovell will be Carol’s 111th production for the Garrick.

Set in Hallett Cove in South Australia, Carole didn’t want varied Australian accents.

She said: “I wanted the cast to use their own voices as the action can be compared to any working class suburb in the Western world.”

Pivotal roles go to Charlie Tomlinson as Bob Price and Brigid Hemingway as his wife, Fran.

Carole said: “Fran is a strong woman who is the mainstay of the family. She copes well, not only with them but her job as a nurse.

“Bob, a loving, caring, father, supports her. Recently retired, his life feels unfulfilling now that the children are moving on.

“The things that happen to them, occur in families everywhere,” she said.

The script requires all four adult children, aged between 19 and 34, to address the audience in monologues.

“It is almost as though they are talking to them like friends,” said Carole.

The action takes place in the Price family’s garden.

“The set shows a sparse yet neat garden. The focal point is a tree and the rose bushes which occupy Bob’s time.”

Carole said that whatever their age, people will find something that will resonate with their own family.

* Things I know to be True is at Altrincham Garrick Playhouse from April 29 to May 4. For tickets, telephone 0161 928 1677 or book online