FOR this year’s annual show, Sale Gilbert and Sullivan Society will present Princess Ida at the Lowry.

Princess Ida is based on Lord Tennyson’s poem The Princess.

She is described as a feisty medieval feminist who leads her army of women into battle against the male half of the population.

Less well-known than many Gilbert and Sullivan favourites, Princess Ida is an amusing battle of the sexes.

The production contains some of Sullivan’s most sumptuous music, and Gilbert’s wickedly comic scenes.

The Princess Ida’s childhood fiancé, Prince Hilarion (he was betrothed at the early age of one!), and his friends, disguise themselves as women to try and persuade the medieval feminists to change their minds – with hilarious results.

Princess Ida will be played by Helen Fieldsend and Prince Hilarion by Daniel Metcalfe.

Keith Borton, the society’s business manager, said: “This show is our most ambitious production for many years as it is a three act performance with a cast of 36."

As a performing society in the Association of Community Theatre (ACT), the Society has achieved the award from them of, amongst other individual awards, ‘Most Original Production’ for the past two years.

The board chairman of ACT, John Flay, said: “I really like what Sale GASS is doing at te Lowry. It is creating a whole new audience.”

Keith said: “We are pulling out all the stops to achieve three in a row."

* Princess Ida is at the Lowry from April 29 to May 1. Tickets, priced £13 and £14 are available from the Lowry Box at 08432 086 010. There are no booking fees.