YOU leave Sale Scouts and Guides 56th gang show humming the Ralph Reader favourite I’m Riding along on the Crest of a Wave.

This, the final item, with the cast wearing uniform concludes a variety show of singing, dancing and sketches.

This year the tradition of wearing uniform for the opening scene has been abandoned in favour of colourful costumes in a circus scene complete with ring master, clowns and acrobats which the young cast obviously enjoy as much as the audience.

Among the sketches are Space, a scene with a space ship which flies whilst the youngest children sing about three little men in a flying saucer, neon lighting spotlighting their costumes.

Another good scene is Skool, depicting a St Trinians-type classroom where the pupils sing lustily We don’t need No Education.

A well-written sketch reveals what can happen if you switch TV channels rapidly indicating how gardening, babies, current affairs and astronomy get mixed up to make funny sentences.

Act II ends with the song Always look on the Bright Side of Life, reflecting the optimism of the scouting organisation.

After the interval we see Raising the Bar, a medley of drinking songs performed with gusto by the enthusiastic cast.

A pancake panto features a competition to make the biggest pancake without any eggs! All good fun!

Before the finale, they present I write the songs featuring a soloist performing Just One Voice.

This is where I climb my hobby horse to say that individual performers should be named.

They are, at least now listed in the programme but without being attributed.

* Sale Gang Show continues until Saturday.

For tickets, email or telephone 07733 811 009. Star rating * * *