FOR many years, Arnold Ashbrook has been the inspiration behind pantos put on by the Sale Players.

This year was no exception. Jack and the Incredible Beanstalk was not only written by him, but he composed the songs and accompanied them on keyboard as well.

His songs give members of the cast a chance to show off their vocal skills.

Jack (Teresa Walsh) and his principal girl, Sally (Helen Wild) sing beautifully, I Always Knew that We’d be Together, wicked Landlord Sir Cranston (Gordon Buchan) sings solo I was Afraid to let her out of my sight, PC Plod (Rick Hardman) also sings solo A Policeman always knows a Better Way and the two ugly sisters from next door perform Me and My Sister really well.

Arnold’s script takes us nicely and with plenty of audience interaction, through the well-known story of Jack who sells the family cow for a bag of beans to his mother’s despair.

His mother, Ma Macoroni, is played with stage presence by Jan Hardman. When she’s there, you know she’s there!

Two burglars who turn good are a credit to Fran Grubert and Jacinta Flannery.

This show deserves praise for producer Rosie Parry, who is modest enough to become the rear end of the cow and to help with the costumes along with three others who come up with beautiful dresses with matching hats for the ugly sisters.

This panto is a fine example of timing and teamwork.

Jack and the Incredible Bean Stalk has now finished. Star rating: * * *