A TOWN centre pub was rocking on Sunday as a special festival was held to help courageous six-year-old Kaycee Bradshaw.

Kaycee, from, Sutton, suffers from rare neurological condition Batten Disease, which typically begins in childhood.

She has lost much of her mobility due to the condition, including her ability to walk.

Her speech and understanding is limited the illness will lead to childhood dementia.

There is no cure for this form of the disease, and therefore specialist symptom management and therapy is essential to assist in maintaining a good quality of life for children with the illness as well as their families.

Sunday's event at Lillies Bar on Westfield Street saw acts including Jack and Matty Bennett; Kiera Weathers; Salander and others line up for the festival.

Kaycee and mum Claire were among the attendees for the festival.

After the event, Claire said: "Thank you to everyone who came and supported Kaycee's festival.

"A lot of time and energy was poured into it to make it the day and night we had so special. We were spoilt rotten and showered with gifts.

"We are just a normal little family doing what we have to do with our princess and events like this mean so much to us.

"We will fight for our children with Batten disease always. Awareness of this horrible monster is everything.

"Kaycee's smiles make us get up in the morning. If Kaycee is smiling, well we gleam back."