STILLIA frontman Jack Bennett is promising fans the opportunity to hear their upcoming album from start to finish when they take to the stage at Sunday’s Westfield Street Music Festival.

Dozens of live acts will be performing in 18 different venues in and around Westfield Street in St Helens through the afternoon.

Stillia will perform tracks from their upcoming album at Empire from 5.30pm on the day while Jack will play acoustic sessions at several other bars earlier in the afternoon.

“It’s going to be energetic and we’ll be doing the album from start to finish,” said the Stillia frontman.

“We’re bringing our own team, our own sound and power engineers.

“It’s the first time we’ve played in our hometown for a long time so it’s like a homecoming for us.

“We’ve got the biggest venue in the street with a 500 capacity. We’re really looking forward to it.”

Jack, from Sutton, adds he is a big admirer of the West Fest concept.

“I am just a massive fan of it. Especially since West Fest started there’s band popping up everywhere and the kids are putting their Xbox controllers down and picking up guitars, it’s really good.

“I think it was uncool years ago to play guitar but now the kids are getting into it again and it’s cool to be in a band. It’s something I am a massive fan of.

“It is just a massive festival that we’re huge fans of, and it’s down to everyone who organises it and helps to make it a really successful event over the years.”