CULT rock singer Ginger Wildheart may have made his name in the 90s - but he still enjoys the buzz of live performance.

A Geordie by birth, Ginger now lives in the town in Eccleston, and has spoken of his excitement as the Wildhearts embark on the Britrock Must Be Destroyed tour across the country this month, along with acts Reef, Terrorvision and Dodgy.

Looking ahead, Ginger said: "The shows these days have a level of family spirit and belonging that we didn’t even know we were cultivating back in the 90s.

"And all it ever needed was to look after your fans and respect them, which far too many musicians forgot to do."

The 53-year-old added: "I think everyone feels the lack of excitement these days. Bands are getting huge but from YouTube videos, which create no real excitement for anyone, so success these days equals sales and little else.

"Real characters have all but disappeared in rock music, no-one seems to want to stick out anymore. I think that’s why people are still interested in the 90s.

"Regardless of your opinion on 90s music, there were always lots of unique characters around. I miss that."

He added: "The fans can expect to enjoy all four bands more than they might think they will. All the musicians here are seasoned pros".

Having already hit Manchester, Birmingham and Hammersmith, London, the tour will reach Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Bristol and Portsmouth.