RISING alternative rock band The Paper Mountains gave fans another treat as they build up to their debut EP release.

The lads put on a great show at the Griffin, Earlestown, filled with energy, charisma and excitement as they intermingled world-renowned hits with tracks from the album.

Frontman and guitarist Ryan Shaw-Binns led from the front as they kicked off with one of their own tracks, Bermuda, which builds to a chorus which wouldn’t look out of place on the next Arctic Monkeys’ album.

Their first set was peppered with well-known indie rock records and the band brought their own style, with crowd pleasing tracks like Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out.

Interspersed with the covers were their own tunes, such as Giants, Joyless and S.A.D and If it hadn’t have been for Ryan pointing out when their originals were to be played, you could have imagined they were the next in a line of indie classics.

Straight from the off, it was evident all four bring something different to the band and that could be what gives them success.

Ryan is capable of whipping the audience into a frenzy but also knowing when to be more relaxed which gives him perfect balance.

Matty is quietly unassuming and his smooth bass lines are the glue that hold the band together.

Meanwhile, James is an exquisite guitarist and watching Charlie on the drums is almost a show in itself.

There were plenty of laughs in between songs and during, a good sign of an up-and-coming band that enjoy what they’re doing.

And their management do too. Promoter Al Allison-Hughes and Road & Tour Manager Dave Forshaw at One Ten Down Management have provided clear direction and musical nous that will be key over the next 12 months and beyond. They have the commercial and artistic direction needed for a major breakthrough and were able to put their own stamp on retro classics and more modern alternative tunes.

The group captivated the audience, reaching to the younger generation and also the older generation, something all too rare these days.

They team up with Stillia as guest support for a one-off gig at the Parr Conservative Club on March 18 and both are on the road to great things.

The launch for The Road Less Travelled is on March 24 at the Zanzibar Club, Liverpool with tickets £12, including a return coach from Junction station.

Paper Mountains - remember the name!

By Alex Johnson