Watching Stillia play to the intimate crowd at Liverpool Academy, it was hard to believe that they are only teenagers.

St Helens’ hottest indie band played an opening set for Ocean Colour Scene’s frontman Steve Cradock, last weekend in Liverpool.

The crowd were in for a few treats as Stillia’s half-an-hour slot featured acoustic versions of their own tracks as well as brilliant covers.

Among the set’s opening songs was original track Roll Away, a showcase of the young musicians’ songwriting ability.

The 16-year-old frontman Jack Bennett is the perfect example of rock ‘n’ roll. From mannerisms to vocal style, Bennett emulates the band’s heroes and creates his own stage persona.

Throughout the set the lads displayed their individual ability. A cymbal-smashing drum solo from Matty Bennett, along with smooth guitar solo from Connor Moran excited the Liverpudlian crowd.

Bassist Dave Sarbutts is the foundation for the beat throughout the acoustic performance, which included a cover of Stone Roses’ Sally Cinnamon.

Towards the end of the set, Stillia played Sterophonics and Oasis covers.

The band made each song their own. After they’d performed, I caught up with them to chat about their recent London gig and their plans for the coming year.

They said: “The London gig was amazing, probably one of the best gigs we’ve played. It was weird at first because the crowd knew all our songs and were singing along with us.”

Nabucca club in London has a 400 capacity; Stillia’s gig sold 350 tickets. With the band taking roughly 40 fans down with them, it’s clear that their sound has already reached the capital.

Stillia said: “After we’d got over the initial shock, it was a phenomenal gig. There’s been videos put on the internet from the night and everyone seemed to love it.”

The band are currently unsigned but have received several offers from record companies, who wish to sign them up.

“We’ve had about three or four offers now but we are still waiting for the right one. Once Matty’s finished school, it’ll be easier to sort out a proper tour and open ourselves out to more record labels.”

Drummer Matty is the youngest member of the band and currently studying for his GCSEs at Sutton Academy.

The lads continued: “We’ve got a studio date booked in a couple of weeks where we are going to record a single. As well as that we’ve got a few gigs coming up and constantly receiving offers which is great.”

Stillia have just enough confidence not to be cocky and are modest enough without being unheard. It’s clear the lads are going places and judging from comments on their internet videos, they’re ‘the next big thing’.

Watch this space...