ST HELENS rock writer Neil Daniels is preparing for his latest releases.

Town centre-based Neil has 11 published books under his belt, with his latest two set to be published in April and May.

The first, Metallica – The Early Years And The Rise of Metal, looks at the impact Metallica’s first four albums had on the American and international metal scene.

Neil said: “It details the birth and rise of one of the world’s greatest metal bands and their influence on modern-day music.”

It was Neil’s love of Metallica that made him want to write the book.

He added: “I’m a big Metallica fan, but the band that exists now is a long way away from their roots. Most people thought back in the 80s Metallica would be the biggest underground metal band in the world rather than the mainstream corporate metal juggernaut it is today.”

Neil’s second book of the year, Iron Maiden – The Ultimate Unauthorised History of the Beast, is to be published in May by Vaguer Press, which was very keen to work with.

He said: “I wanted to work with the American publisher after getting copies of their books on Queen and AC/DC.

“I also contributed to their Aerosmith one, so I pitched them an idea for a similarly- styled one on Iron Maiden.”

The 30 year-old, who works at Rainhill High School as a librarian and English department administrator, began writing after graduating from Middlesex University with a film degree.

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