WHAT are they playing at moving Super League Magic to Leeds United’s Elland Road.

Us Saints fans may have had some happy times there will Mal Meninga …nearly 40 years ago.

But it is not a venue for Magic.

At Newcastle it became an event where fans from across all 12 clubs could get together, mingle and enjoy the vibrant city hospitality.

The idea is so good that even the Australians copied it.  But what do we do we decide to do? Move to a venue that literally nobody wants – not even the Leeds Rhinos fans who can walk to it.

Rugby League gives us so much joy but is there any other sport that prides itself on shooting itself in the foot at every conceivable opportunity?

If you look at the fanfare declaring ‘Elland Road as one of the biggest and best stadiums in the North of England’ I do wonder if they are listening to the fans.

We don’t want to go to a city that we go to already every year – we want adventure.

Fair enough Newcastle was not available – but I would like to know why not Cardiff, Nottingham or Bristol.

Fed up RL Fan, Windle.