I WOULD like to make people aware of the awful experience that was Reminisce 2021.

We queued for two and a half hours to get in. We then had to queue for another hour to get a drink.

The card machine wasn’t working so we had to use all my cash to get drinks. If I wanted to get more cash out, I would have had to queue again.

Basically, we had no choice but to miss three and a half hours of the festival queuing. We couldn’t get into any of the tents without queuing again.

The main tent was absolutely no chance of getting in. People were sneaking under the tent to get in and I can’t say I blame them but I shouldn’t have to crawl on my knees to get into a tent.

Basically, we paid to queue to get into the festival and to stand outside tents listening to the music when we could have done that for free and in the comfort of my own home and without having to buy overpriced drink and food.

We had reduced price residents’ tickets but even that was £110 too much to pay for this awful experience.

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