A CHALLENGING play about one of the darkest moments in modern history is returning to The Epstein Theatre due to popular demand.

Last Train to Auschwitz will run at the Liverpool theatre for three days from January 23 to 25 – which will coincide with World Holocaust Week.

It tells the story of a group of women’s journey into hell. Their final destination is the notorious concentration camp Auschwitz.

The emotional narrative will be played out on stage by some of Liverpool’s top acting talent including Brookside’s Bernie Foley.

Joining her on the stage are Lesley Butter and Saul Murphey, both of Red Skies and Maggie Lynch of Sunset Boulevard and The King and I.

Auschwitz was the location of a Nazi concentration camp during the Second World War where an estimated 11 million people, including six million Jews, were murdered. In the Lamplight Events play, which was previously at The Epstein in 2015 and 2017, every day is a fight for survival for one group of women but through all of it bonds of love and friendship are formed until the bitter end.

In a world they no longer recognise, some will live to tell their story, others will die in the gas chambers. But the memory of those who do not make it will be eternal in the pages of history and be passed down from generation to generation.

Rebekah Pichilingi, theatre manager, said: “Last Train To Auschwitz received an incredible reception on its previous visits to The Epstein Theatre and we are truly delighted to welcome it back for another run of shows this year.

“The cast is full of talented Liverpudlian actors and we can’t wait to welcome them back to the Epstein stage.”

n Last Train to Auschwitz is at The Epstein from January 23 to 25. Call 0844 888 4411 or visit epsteinliverpool.co.uk