READER Alex Appleton dropped us a line of advice on Rushy Cottages.

He wrote: “Interesting read on your page regards the properties up the dirt track in Islands Brow. Slightly incorrect though as Rushy Park cottage was the one on the right, not the left as Roger Kilshaw states.

“It was owned by the Halsall family from the 1800s until the 1940s. Some of them emigrated to Canada during the general strike in 1926. One direct Halsall descendant is in his 30s now and is a Hollywood actor.

“In its prime, Rushy Park Cottage was home to 11 brothers and sisters and their parents.

“I know all this as I grew up round there and they were my great grandparents. 

“My mum still lives round the corner from there, 85 years old and sharp as a tack, I’ve had every story of them all.

“I’ve just come to visit and she’s held your article in my face, part proud and part puzzled why Roger Kilshaw and how auntie Mabel are getting it mixed up. 

“The house they refer to was built in their garden and owned by a family called Scott.”