Alan Hitchmough

Alan Hitchmough 24-11-61 - 15-12-2010. Christmas Memories. On the 15th December 2010 you died in my arms. I closed your gentle eyes, you had so many charms. I held back my tears for i knew i had to be strong. And now you're gone were do i really belong. Sometimes i shed tears because i miss you so much. I hope you can feel my love, you i only wish i could touch. But, at least i have the memories of the love i still feel. Sometimes i can feel a presence but, your image i know you have to conceal. So, smile for me as i smile for you. For, we are always as one for, our love of each other is true! So sorry you had to go so far away from me darling but, i send my love, on the wind and a tear of devotion in the rain. To my sweetheart, love from your devoted Wife Gerri x x x x