In Memoriam

Andrea Scott

ANDREA ELIZABETH SCOTT 21st Sept 2009 My darling girl, a decade ago my life fell apart. I knew from the last year when you were ill, this day was going to come, call it a mums instinct. I didn't want you to go on suffering this way, even though you never complained. You were the most precious thing in my life, I would have given my life for yours because when your heart stopped mine was dead to the world. Nothing else mattered anymore, and still to this day I feel just the same. You were my world. So happy, caring, loved, fun and beautiful. I was so proud to be your mum. You were the best daughter I could have wished for my sweetheart, one day our family will be together again. Love you sweetheart forever, Mum xx Andrea Everyday in some small way, memories of you come our way. Though absent you are always near, still missed, loved, and always dear. Uncle David, Mike, Diane, Helen and cousins xx Andrea Ten years have passed, we love and miss you everyday. Aunties Rose, Ann and cousins xx Andrea My pal, I can never forget you, how could anyone. And the great fun we had and shared so much for many years. Missing you, Lavinia, Matt and James xx



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