I WRITE to express my alarm after several sightings of off road motorbike riders hurtling down the town’s roads.

The most concerning incident happened on a Sunday evening along Prescot Road – the same route where little Violet-Grace girl suffered fatal injuries in a hit-and-run involving a car.

I was walking along the road when I was startled by engine noise and turned to see a group of riders, whose faces were covered by either helmets or what appeared to be balaclavas or scarves, on Prescot Road.

They were travelling towards Thatto Heath at speed.

They were riding in convoy at speed and passed the spot where the oral tributes lie.

The sight of these riders unnerved me. It was quite intimidating and for them to be roaring along a road where this tragedy happened worried me.

I’ve seen footage of similar riders in other parts of Merseyside but not often in St Helens,until recently.

The other week I saw a biker tearing up Holme Road near Taylor Park, where many children walk.

He had no helmet on but his face was covered by clothing.

My partner also spotted one being ridden the wrong way on Gamble Avenue’s one-way street near Cowley school. It is concerning.

AM, Eccleston