THE town centre isn’t the hub it used to be mainly because retail has changed in 20 years. 

Online shopping was in its infancy back then – it’s a part of life now. We didn’t have as many retail parks or major outlets (such as Liverpool One) back in 1997.

Business rates are set nationally, every town and city follows exactly the same framework. 

Car parking is reasonably priced, especially when you look at city centre prices.

Our town centre is fairy relative to many up and down the country. 

Many larger retailers have a preference for modern/new retail parks – it makes their life easier as a business.

There are many who prefer neighbouring towns – that’s personal preference. 

However you only need to look on Facebook to see what people of those towns feel about their own centre. 

An area the council have got it totally wrong is encouraging so many little bars.

Westfield Street is a sea of closed shutters during the week or people who seem to have time in their life to drink all day.

Jon Milligan, via Facebook