I WRITE with reference to the ill judged remark not befitting of a leader of any council when Cllr Barrie Grunewald name-called the Rainford Action Group as Nimbies.

I am not a member of the group but I support their aims.

What I am, as a resident of Rainford, is intent on seeing a workable and appropriate solution to an expansion of the village, but not by placing more than 1000 homes here and making it bigger by more than one third.

It is not practical or fair, even with the promise of additional facilities, which in itself is strange as council managed services in our village have recently been cut back (waste site and library).

As I understand it this is also the aim of the action group who have said on many occasions that they are not opposed to any expansion of the village.

They believe the number of houses and their location should be appropriate.

And this is where the leader’s remark becomes more than ill-judged.

In dismissing the group and people like me as Nimbies, as stated above, it is not only incorrect, it is frightening that someone in that position can have so little understanding of such an important issue.

It will only serve to make the people of Rainford more determined.

John Williams, Rainford