I WOULD like to know how long it takes for the council to remove an abandoned car?

Since February, I have filed an online form to Merseyside Police reporting an abandoned car four times.

Since then I have had a phone call from the police telling me they had contacted St Helens Council.

I have also reported it to St Helens Council.

I’ve also filled in five forms for the DVLA and still I’m awaiting a reply.

The car has no MOT, no road tax and is not insured.

Therefore, the car is not legal to be on a public road or car park and has not been driven since before the start of the year.

If the authorities cannot manage a simple thing like removing an abandoned car the future is certainly bleak.

But maybe it can be blamed on the usual culprit, the government; everything else seems to be the government’s fault.

Mr Benggo, Newton-le-Willows