WITH Leeds ending their misery against an unbeaten Catalans it puts Saints’ trip to France in focus.

Lose and I wonder where we will go from there apart from our Super League contracts ending if Warrington decide to get their act together.
As to the coach where do we look?

It is not him dropping the ball, choosing the wrong option and offering route one through our so called defence.

Some basic passing, catching and tackling appears needed. The only way is up!

Fans wonder when that climb will begin. Currently we are third from bottom. Until then we will have to be satisfied with the next excuse from the club.

It’s early days yet for the season to be written off but to my mind something is wrong and not working.

Catalan could be the watershed from where we go from here.

Good players don’t become bad and we should not use two players being injured as an excuse.

Wigan played with eight out of the team.

Bill Bradbury, via sthelensstar.co.uk