DURING the coming months work will commence on the £4million re-vamp at Windle Island.

There is no doubt that the proposed new layout will improve the flow of traffic but it will also increase the already serious problem that exists at the junction of Bleak Hill Rd and Rainford Road.

This will be due to the exit from Tesco on to the East Lancs Road being closed for all traffic wishing to go in the direction of Rainford/Ormskirk.

In future all traffic going in this direction, including articulated lorries that enter Tesco from the East Lancs Rd for petrol, refreshments etc will soon have to leave by the already congested and dangerous exit on Rainford Road.

I am fully aware that there is no perfect solution to this problem but if the highways department do not have a good plan “ B” to implement when things go wrong then maybe a declaration lane leading into Tesco on Rainford Rd should be considered, with another acceleration lane leading out.

This would considerably ease the problem.

Harold William Lea,