I RECENTLY found out about the planned music festival in September and I am horrified.

I have noticed over the last 12 months the deterioration of the park through vandalism, including smashed bottles, fires and rubbish. Lately, people have even defecated in the bushes and this is not an isolated case as other dog walkers have told me the same.

We used to have a nice park with a huge family ‘Sherdley’ show which people came to see from miles around. We had horse shows, bike riding performances, sky divers and many stalls, to name but a few. Everyone enjoyed it.

Sadly this has been stopped and replaced with numerous fairs and circuses. This Reminisce Old Skool festival is certainly not for families, especially young children, and I can only imagine the noise that local residents will have to put up. And what state will the park be in afterwards?

The last thing we need is to take our grandchildren or children to a park that is dirty.

I would suggest one of the reasons that we don’t have the show now is that it isn’t profitable. However, a festival, which will attract 3,000 people at a cost of £40 per head, generating a lot of money is planned, will go ahead.

Annoyed resident (Full details submitted)