In response to Miss K L Jones’ letter published on Thursday, August 7, titled ‘Hospital Worries’.

The Trust was made aware of the concerns raised by Miss Jones after she attended the Accident and Emergency Department with her friend and baby. These concerns have been thoroughly investigated. It is regrettable that Miss Jones’ friend chose to sit on the floor of the paediatric waiting area, when seats were available. Although as Miss Jones correctly states, people were temporarily blocking the spare seats with their belongings.

The department treats high numbers of patients and staff work extremely hard to provide high standards of care. As a result the average ambulance turnaround time that day was just 11 minutes compared against the national target of 30 minutes.During busy times, it is common practice to utilise the skills and flexibility of staff from other areas of the hospital to provide extra support.

I would like to reassure readers, that the Accident and Emergency Department was fully staffed with appropriate levels of both nursing and medical staff on duty, at no point was patient care or safety compromised.

Ann Marr, chief executive