I JUST wanted to bring up a point about the state of the roads and who is responsible for their repair when they are dug up by utility companies.

I have been told by one councillor that the utility companies are only responsible for the first 12 months and then after that it is the council who have to foot the bill.

This is totally unacceptable. If you look around, the majority of repair is due to the digging up of roads causing ingress of water and frost in winter and then causing potholes.

These companies who cause most of the damage make enough money out of us at it is.

The way some of the repairs are done after the digging up leaves a lot to be desired.

Then guess what? After 12 months the council would have to foot the bill. What a disgrace.

It’s high time these companies are held more accountable for their actions. Should we lobby our MPs to get the law changed?

Geoff Honey,

Carmelite Crescent,