WE see on TV and in newspapers, there is justifiable concerns about drug problems occurring within our society.

But one situation that seems to have the right to encourage people to get into debt is the gambling fraternity.

You cannot watch TV without being offered "something for nothing", with anyone of appropriate age are being offered any amount of free games.

Companies are now advertising games to be played on your laptop, phone or computer and to top it all we now hear that you can do this with your credit card.

Go in any betting shop and see the number of people who spend hours, even being supplied with tea or coffee whilst trying to beat the bookie.

I do not profess to never having a bet, but will only do so as an affordable interest.

An alarming sight is the number of young people spending time and money on the gaming machines.

God knows what they will do when they have the option of using a credit card in the betting shop to chase the elusive prizes.

I have heard and seen so many instances where families have ended up with marriage break ups and even violence within the home and yet the advertising and encouragement seems to have free rein, We see so many adverts about how easy it is to borrow money but I have never seen one which also tells you how hard it can be to pay it back.

As I have said I have an interest bet but when I see people putting money on a computerised race, and as if to laugh at the punters they even play the sound of dogs barking in the race starting boxes and the sound of hooves during the horse races.

I would take this as an insult on my intelligence, and to add insult to injury they have the audacity to have price betting. Why do they bother, why not just put ten numbered balls in a bag and give 10 to 1 if you can pick the number you select.

A question I was asked many years ago... "Have you ever seen a bookie on a bike?" I rest my case.

Les Woods, Reginald Road, Sutton.