I AM writing this in response to your headline news, “Shake up on the bins”.

This was an article to inform us of proposed fortnightly collections of brown bins and of food waste collections.

Councillor Dave Banks seems to be spearheading the changes and it would seem that bio degradable bags for the food waste collection will be £300,000 alone per year, plus the cost of new wagons, liners and food waste containers for every house.

My advice to Councillor Banks is save the Council or I should say the Council taxpayers, £300,000 plus as the thought of having a container attracting flies and vermin is repulsive.

We have a brown bin, a green bin, a black bin, a bag for newspapers and magazines, a bag for plastic bottles and now a proposed “slop bin”.

Councillor Banks says “rubbish is now a resource with a value, sometimes quite a high value”. Could Councillor Banks please enlighten us as to what value is waste food? Just imagine a housing estate with every house having a slop bin and all the smell and flies and vermin.

Maybe it will be on the same footing as the Vista Road tip, with the residents putting up with smells and swarms of flies. They certainly didn’t want the tip with all the associated smells and flies,and even our MP. Dave Watts campaigned against it.

To quote Eric Pickles, the communities secretary: “Every Englishman has a right to a weekly bin collection just as he has a right to enjoy chicken Marsala on a Saturday night.”

Where is my right to a weekly bin collection and to use a phrase which came to light a few years ago... N.I.M.B.Y.

Not in my back yard, not a slop bucket anyway.

Mr G.Woodward, Bradlegh Road, Newton-le-Willows