YET again in our St Helens Star we read the sad stories of how some people treat their pets. One was the story of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier stabbed to death by its owner because, as he put it, he couldn’t afford to get veterinary treatment.

Why did this low life not take the dog to the PDSA for help? What kind of person does this to a faithful family pet which they have had for years, while the children slept in the same house?

The poor dog isn’t suffering any more but I hope to God, he is in prison.

The second story was the stray dog found in a field in Clock Face. Seeing the photo in the Star I recognised it as the same dog I had seen in Leach Lane six weeks ago. I tried to catch it as it was hungry and afraid.

I went home quite distressed that day, but reading your paper I am glad that at last it now has the chance of finding a loving, good owner.

Dog lover