SAVE us from this meddlesome EU!

The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union is a farce and a travesty.

It may boost the already inflated egos of the ‘Muscles in Brussels’, but will have no effect on the struggling nations within.

Those chaps in Norway who hand out these prestigious awards are on another planet safely outside of the EU.

How little they know. The award was given for six decades to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights.

The implication being, if we didn’t have the EU around us, we’d be at it like knives fighting each other.

Not any more, even communism took a tumble.

Nato has protected us and we have our own democratically elected governments (however inept).

So what has the EU done done for the greater good of mankind... not a lot!

Poorer nations that jumped on the gravy train now find themselves fighting for survival and needing to be baled out carrying penalties.

Everything hangs on the fate of the unstable Euro. If that fails nobody’s safe, even the UK outside the zone.

Isn’t it time to abandon ship?

Joan Byron, Mendip Grove, Parr.