MARQUEE signing Ben Barba will need two more games before we can see what he can do.

That is the view of coach Justin Holbrook after the NRL full back showed a degree of hesitancy and lack of match fitness in the win at Wakefield.

Barba looked like he was running through Swarfega when he tried to chase back to catch Bill Tupou at Belle Vue - all maybe understandable given his length absence before being thrown into a series of do-or-die tussles in the position that involves covering the most ground on the field.

He was also very uncomfortable every time the high ball was pitched his way by the tricky Wakefield half backs - something he will get plenty of again on Friday courtesy of the boot of Danny Brough.

But after missing 10-months of rugby league, Holbrook expects his star signing to get up to speed for the semis.....should Saints qualify.

Barba will be better with another 80 minutes - and there were glimpses with his long passing and vision giving a glimpse of what we can expect when he is fully up to speed.

He said: “Benny has only played two games – everyone else has played at least 28.

“It is what it is, and he has to fast track himself to get up to speed.

“I always felt it would take him four games — so if we can get results from the next two important games then he will be at his best.

“He has been training great to give himself every chance, but you need match fitness — particularly in his position which is the hardest to play on the field — and we are asking him to play at his best.

“As a group and team we have to play well around him to not put him in these tough positions.

“We will get there.”